Dual color three layer sandwich HDPE sheet with textured surface

    • Advantages:
      Easily cleaned Easily fabricated Graffiti resistant Never needs painting Resists scratches UV stabilized Will not delaminate Will not swell or rot Will not crack or chip

Product introduction

HDPE is a high impact, high-density polyethylene sheet. It is ideally suited for the manufacture of chemical resistant products which come in direct contact with foodstuffs. Although colored HDPE has the same properties as traditional HDPE sheet, HDPE color core is made by fusing different colored sheets together, making it an ideal plastic for engraving.

Colored HDPE meets FDA, giving way to a long list of applications it can be used for include signage, playground equipment, recreation, marine, and more. Because of the strength and ductility of HDPE sheet, Color Core HDPE will not warp, rot, delaminate, or stress crack. Sandwich Color HDPE works great in outdoor applications.

Color Core HDPE Sheet For Outdoor Use


This superior UV stabilized HDPE/HDPE can be used both indoors and outdoors and is easy to clean and resistant to vandalism and scratches.



  • Systems for outdoor and indoor playgrounds
  • Outdoor signs
  • Skate parks
  • Ice Rinks
  • Outdoor cabinets/furniture
  • Decorative wood/metal replacement

Standard Sizes and Colors

Buy Sandwich Color Core HDPE sheet at Okay Plastics. We offers a variety of standard-sized sheets to choose from. You can also select from Okay’s available combination of colors, including red/white/red, blue/white/blue, black/red/black, green/white/green, green/tan/green, yellow/black/yellow, brown/tan/brown, brown/white/brown, and black/white/black.

Don’t see the size or color combination you need? Submit a custom quote to let us know your desired specifications! We can custom-cut your sandwich color core hdpe sheet to size, or we can source the exact color combination you need.

Product advantages

  • 01Easily cleaned
  • 02Easily fabricated
  • 03Graffiti resistant
  • 04Never needs painting
  • 05Resists scratches
  • 06UV stabilized
  • 07Will not delaminate
  • 08Will not swell or rot
  • 09Will not crack or chip

Scope of application

  • 01Golf course
  • 02Campground
  • 03Signage
  • 04Garden
  • 05Church
  • 06Ski facility
  • 07Water park
  • 08Apartment
  • 09Pier
  • 10School
  • 11Playground
  • 12Nature trail
  • 13Municipality
  • 14Sports field

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