Dual color three layer sandwich HDPE sheet with textured surface

    • Advantages:
      Easily cleaned Easily fabricated Graffiti resistant Never needs painting Resists scratches UV stabilized Will not delaminate Will not swell or rot Will not crack or chip

Product introduction

Three layer HDPE sheet is manufactured by squeezing one color on the inside and other colors on the outside. This guarantees a homogeneous sheet that will not determinate, crack or chip. The dual color plastic sheet does not have to be painted because the color is embedded in the HDPE sandwich sheet. The durable sandwich HDPE sheet with textured surface finish resists scratches and damage. The 2 layer plastic sheet has UV stability and can resist degradation in harsh outdoor environments, making it a perfect sign material.

Product advantages

  • 01Easily cleaned
  • 02Easily fabricated
  • 03Graffiti resistant
  • 04Never needs painting
  • 05Resists scratches
  • 06UV stabilized
  • 07Will not delaminate
  • 08Will not swell or rot
  • 09Will not crack or chip

Scope of application

  • 01Golf course
  • 02Campground
  • 03Signage
  • 04Garden
  • 05Church
  • 06Ski facility
  • 07Water park
  • 08Apartment
  • 09Pier
  • 10School
  • 11Playground
  • 12Nature trail
  • 13Municipality
  • 14Sports field

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