5% borated polyethylene neutron shielding sheet

    • Advantages:

      Borated polyethylene was developed specifically for neutron shielding purposes in nuclear facilities; its optimum boron content is 5%, which provides excellent attenuation of thermal neutrons, reducing trapped gamma radiation levels.

Product introduction

5% Borated Polyethylene is manufactured to meet all applicable applications for industrial use, shielding applications, medical applications (with regards to cancer treatment), vaults, and doors for linear particle accelerators.

5% borated polyethylene has a high hydrogen content, making it an effective fast neutron shield, decelerating fast neutrons into lower
energy thermal (slow) neutrons, which are then absorbed by the added boron compound.

borated polyethylene sheets
borated polyethylene neutron shielding
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5% Borated Polyethylene

5% Borated Polyethylene is a product specially designed for nuclear shielding applications. The material employs 5% Boron by weight to shield neutrons in a variety of applications including high intensity X-rays, cancer treatment facilities, hospitals, nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants. Using this material as your shielding will be easier to install, maintain and use than the traditional lead lined products. While using a Polyethylene product may seem unusual, it performs as good or better than lead weighing many times as much. Borated HDPE is also lower in cost than most lead materials.

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  • ● MRI Rooms
  • ● Nuclear Submarines
  • ● Containment Cabinets
  • ● Cancer Treatment Facilities
  • ● Nuclear or Radiation Shielding
  • ● X-Ray Rooms
  • ● Imaging Machines
  • ● Containment Boxes
  • ● Nuclear Power Plants
  • ● Particle Accelerators

Top-Line Tech Specs

5% Boron by Weight
30% Boron by Weight
4’ x 8’ x1” sheets other thicknesses available

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