UHMWPE Outrigger Pad

    outrigger pads are mainly used to pad under the outriggers of construction machinery and play a supporting role.
    The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene outrigger pads has strong load-bearing and light weight. The block is equipped with a nylon handle, which is easy to carry and provides great convenience for high-altitude operations.

    Use under support legs for any type of aerial equipment etc. Make the machine work safely!


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We supply bridge mounts, outrigger pads, ground protection mat and many protective products.

Our outrigger pads are made from high quality UHMWPE material, a safer alternative to wood and steel plates, designed to withstand extreme pressure and large load capacities.

Strong, lightweight and easy to handle, our outrigger pads provide maximum strength and support for the toughest lifting applications...and they won't splinter or corrode! Our tough, functional pads are water, oil and chemical resistant and are able to conform to the contours of uneven terrain while maintaining their shape.

Our outrigger pads are built to last - they've been tested extensively and are available in a variety of sizes to fit your equipment.

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Outrigger pads are suitable for various factories and machinery.

  • lorry loader

    lorry loader

  • concrete pumps

    concrete pumps

  • mobile cranes

    mobile cranes

  • sicssor lifts

    sicssor lifts

  • spider type boom lifts

    spider type boom lifts

How do outrigger pads work?

Widely used by operators of access platforms, vehicle mounted boom lifts, cranes and mobile plant, and for exhibition and trailer units, they provide effective support for stabilisers and outrigger feet on terrain where load bearing capacity is an issue, such as soft ground or sensitive flooring. They reduce the overall pressure on the ground by spreading the load over a larger surface area and effectively supporting the equipment.

outrigger pad


Thickness(mm) Specification(mm) Weight(kgs) Load-bearing(tons)
25 500*500 6.25 55
600*600 9 60
800*800 16 81
1000*1000 25 93
1200*1200 36 130
Dia.800 12.5 78
Dia.1000 20 91
Dia.1200 28 110
40 500*500 10 56
600*600 14.4 61
800*800 25.6 82
1000*1000 40 94
1200*1200 57.6 131
Dia.800 20 80
Dia.1000 32 92
Dia.1200 45 130
50 500*500 6.25 58
600*600 9 62
800*800 16 85
1000*1000 25 98
1200*1200 36 140
Dia.800 12.5 83
Dia.1000 20 95
Dia.1200 28 137
80 800*800 38.4 86
1000*1000 60 99
1200*1200 86.4 133
Dia.800 30 84
Dia.1000 48 96

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