Self-lubricating UHMWPE 4×8 extreme glide hockey synthetic ice tiles

    • Advantages:
      Affordable Like real ice Full surface can literally be assembled in minutes Easy to carry Easy to install Good sliding effect Good customer reputation

Product introduction

For better performance and durability, our synthetic ice is made of UHMWPE, which is specially designed for metal blade skates. Our synthetic ice tiles are smooth and super sliding, and the coefficient of friction is 15% larger than that of real ice. Synthetic hockey ice provides a true gliding experience on ice. UHMWPE extreme glide synthetic ice is a self-lubricating that allows your synthetic ice rink to be used in any weather and conditions without the use of wax or additives. The synthetic ice rink uses a graphic connection system, which is easy to install and has a service life of up to 10 years.

Product advantages

  • 01Affordable
  • 02Like real ice
  • 03Full surface can literally be assembled in minutes
  • 04Easy to carry
  • 05Easy to install
  • 06Good sliding effect
  • 07Good customer reputation

Scope of application

  • 01Make residential and commercial training practical
  • 02At-home training practical
  • 03Playing field
  • 04Entertainment and leisure venues
  • 05Mall center

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