Black And White Color Uhmwpe Sheet

    Polyethylene PE1000 sheet (UHMW / UHMWPE) is a self-lubricating thermoplastic that provides outstanding resistance to abrasion, impact and wear. It performs well against chemicals and solvents (with the exception of oxidising acids such as nitric and sulphuric) and has one of the lowest coefficient of friction of any engineering plastic in our range. UHMW also provides very low moisture absorption, offers excellent electric and dielectric properties and is highly resistant to ultraviolet light. UHMW does not perform well when exposed to temperatures over +120°C and can become brittle in applications below -150°C. It is also difficult to bond due the materials waxy surface.

Product introduction

UHMWPE is available in a range of colours that provide similar mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. We offer black and green 'regen' recycled grades for use in general purpose applications, as well as natural (virgin) and blue options that conform with FDA food contact regulations. For applications that require additional characteristics, a range of UHMW is available with various fillers and additives.

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white uhmwpe sheet
white uhmwpe sheet
white uhmwpe sheet

Ultra-high-molecular-weight is often manufactured into parts that are used in the food processing, bottling, packaging, marine and quarrying industries. We frequently convert PE1000 into wear strips, chain guides, change parts, docking fenders and chute and hopper linings utilising advanced in-house plastic machining facilities.


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If you have any specific demand, welcome to contact our expert to design your own solution made from our UHMW sheet.

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Properties of UHMW Sheet

  • Temperature: Black and Green Colour: -150°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term).
  • Temperature: Natural (Virgin) and Blue Colour: -200°C up to +80°C (+120°C short term).
  • Natural (Virgin) and blue UHMW are food approved.
  • Black is suitable for anti-static applications and is UV stabilised.
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, impact and wear.
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents.
  • Very low coefficient of friction.
  • Easily machined.


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