Various Colors 2-200mm Thickness PE HDPE sheet

    Name : HDPE Sheet 


    Size : 1220*2440mm


    Thickness : 2-200mm


    Density : 0.96 g/cm³


    Color :  White / black / blue / green / yellow / custom color


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    Characteristics: Some characteristics can be achieved through adjustment, such as anti-UV, anti-flame retardant, anti-static, etc.

HDPE Plastic Sheet (high density polyethylene board) has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and good mechanical strength. Dielectric properties and environmental stress crack resistance are also good. The pe board has the characteristics of high toughness, tensile strength and good wear resistance. Hdpe Sheet has good chemical stability and can resist most acids, alkalis, organic solutions and hot water.
It is widely used in chemical, clothing, packaging, food and other fields. Can be filled, flame retardant, modified, surface embossed, matte.

Application of HDPE sheet

Automotive industry, slats, automobile gas tanks, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, ventilation shafts, containers for transportation and storage of meat and fish products (boxes, boxes) and chemical reagents, boards for cutting meat, fish, etc., swimming pool bowls, decorative ponds, fish breeding tanks, septic tanks, pallets, construction, manufacturing of packaging, substrates, and bottoms for bags, backpacks, briefcases, and visors.

HDPE sheet is also perfectly suitable for forming (for example, the production of matrices for paving and facade tiles, trays, slats, trays). As well as for the manufacture of geogrids, geomembranes, facing panels, roofing and floor coverings, all kinds of covers, pallets, stands, pipes, fittings, packages.

Physical Datasheet:

Item PE polyethylene sheet
Color White / Black / Green/Yellow/Blue/Red
Proportion 0.96g/cm³
Heat resistance (continuous) 90℃
Melting point 120℃
Bending tensile stress/ Tensile stress off shock 30/-Mpa
Tensile modulus of elasticity 900MPa
Friction coefficient 0.3
Rockwell hardness 62
Dielectric strength >50


Cutting HDPE sheets

If, when purchasing polyethylene sheets, you know in advance what size and color the HDPE blank should be cut, then we are ready to provide you with a cutting service. Our company can fulfill such an order if the customer contacts us by phone or mail and specifies the required color, length and width of the desired product.


Packing & Delivery

With pallet Bulk cargo packing: 1.5-2 tons per pallet, use Iron pallets or wood pallets on bottom, with packaging waterproof fabric ,film packages and all around ensure transportation security and prevent damage for the products.

If you need our products please write down any questions, we will reply as soon as possible.

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