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    HDPE sheet has strong impact resistance, wear resistance and low friction coefficient. HDPE sheets also has the advantages of moisture resistance, stain resistance, and corrosion resistance. The durability of the HDPE sheets makes it a perfect match for various applications, and is considered a “surprise” with excellent comprehensive capabilities and competitive prices for engineering plastics.

  • 2 Color HDPE For Playground
  • PE cutting board
  • Safety Barriers For Go-kart Tracks
  • Rink Synthetic Curling
  • Rebound Boards
  • Hospital HDPE Crash Rail

hdpe sheet size

hdpe sheet THICKNESS
hdpe sheet size
hdpe sheet surface
hdpe sheet color

*Note: Size and color can be customized*


customer case
customer case

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Henan okay plastic industry is a manufacturer specializing in the production of HDPE sheet, UHMWPE sheet and CNC custom processing. The factory covers an area of 10,000+ square meters, with 20+ years of production experience, exported to more than 100+ countries, and more than 95% of customers praise.

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