Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a wear-resistant and impact-resistant material that surpasses any other thermoplastic in its characteristics. Suitable for work in extreme conditions.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE) sheets PE 1000

UHMWPE in its original form is a white powder obtained by polymerization of ethylene. Its structure consists of long molecular chains with crystalline and amorphous types of sections. Molecular forms in crystalline regions are ordered, but in amorphous regions they are randomly located. The interweaving of polymer chains creates the unique properties of the material:

  • High biocompatibility.
  • Resistant to most acids, alkalis, and UV radiation.
  • Resistance to mechanical loads, incl. exposure to abrasives.
  • Water absorption is less than 0.01%, due to which the material can work in contact with water.
  • Low coefficient of friction provides high wear resistance.
  • Frost resistance down to -100°C.
  • High impact resistance and rigidity.
  • Melting point from 130°C.
  • Low density (0.97 g/cm³) - UHMWPE is 8 times lighter than steel.

To enhance the characteristics of the source material, modifiers are added to UHMWPE and used in composites. In this way, the required values of tensile strength, elongation, impact strength, wear resistance, etc. are achieved. depending on the specific task.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is produced in the form of rod, fiber, fabric, etc. One of the most popular forms are sheets. The thickness of the UHMWPE sheet should be selected for specific conditions, depending on the requirements of the project.

Application of UHMWPE sheet

Due to its unique properties, the material is in demand in mechanical engineering, medicine, sports, chemical, light and food industries and other industries. Sheet UHMWPE can be machined:

  • cutting with circular, band and reciprocating saws;
  • drilling at low speeds;
  • butt welding and friction;
  • polishing


Products made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene are repairable, retain their properties throughout their entire service life, are reliable, and safe for people and the environment. They are durable due to wear resistance and chemical inertness, which saves money and time on maintenance. The use of the material reduces energy and labor costs for production.

Shipbuilding, production of boats, boats, pleasure craft High wear resistance, hydrophobicity, low coefficient of friction and excellent strength characteristics of UHMWPE sheets make it suitable for the manufacture of:

  • hulls of boats and boats: the material improves driving performance due to easy sliding;
  • cladding of shipyards, ensuring the durability of the coating;
  • structural elements of equipment;
  • marine fenders.

marine fender

Mobile outrigger pads for support platforms

Outrigger Pads - prevent distortions and overturning of truck cranes. UHMWPE outriggers increase the load distribution area, increasing the stability of equipment, incl. when working on loose and wet soils. Due to its high strength and toughness, UHMWPE can withstand high pressure and does not deform. Such linings are easy to carry, they are resistant to the effects of fuels and lubricants, and can be washed with water.

outrigger pad

If necessary, UHMWPE can be manufactured with a non-slip surface, but with high wear resistance. Such properties are required for portable road slabs that can be laid on waterlogged soil or uneven terrain for the passage of heavy vehicles.

Medical Industry

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is used in orthopedics, where biocompatibility, lightness, slip, tensile strength, and wear resistance are important. Hip and knee joints, intervertebral discs, spongy bones, etc. are made from sheet material.

upe medical

Sporting Goods and Grounds

The high impact resistance, wear resistance and anti-friction properties of UHMWPE make it suitable for the manufacture of:

synthetic ice

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene does not age at low temperatures: it does not lose strength or become brittle.

Tanks, storage tanks for diesel fuel, concentrated fertilizers, including urea-ammonium mixtures (UAM) Waste oils, heating oils, highly aggressive high-octane gasoline and diesel fuel, natural gas, UAN, pesticides, etc. have virtually no effect on the properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in the indicative period of time.

uhmwpe tank

High resistance to abrasive wear, UV radiation (with appropriate modification), good strength characteristics, combined with the design features of the containers, guarantee the safety of both the liquid or gaseous substance and the environment.

Contact surfaces of conveyors, buckets, bunkers, coal and cement cars The lining of working surfaces and elements is made from sheets of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene:

liner sheet

In these solutions, UHMWPE provides a durable, slippery, and repairable coating. The use of polymer speeds up the loading and unloading of bulk materials and protects expensive equipment from abrasive effects. Overall, it reduces energy and labor costs for production.

In mechanical engineering

Lightweight, impact-resistant, vibration-resistant and self-lubricating UHMWPE sheets are used in the manufacture of:

  • parts for machine tools subject to rapid wear: bushings, gears, liners, cams;
  • guides and sliding elements: rollers, bearings;
  • drive mechanisms, etc.

The polymer is suitable for use in aggressive environments and has electrically conductive properties. Can be used for vibration and noise insulation of cabins.

uhmwpe parts

Replacing carbon and stainless steel, bronze and other metals with UHMWPE reduces labor intensity, reduces the cost of production, improves the basic parameters of mechanisms due to weight reduction, better inertia, etc.

Food Industry

Materials in contact with food must be microbiologically safe, odorless, tasteless, waterproof, and have anti-adhesive properties. UHMWPE is one of them. It is not susceptible to rotting, mold development, corrosion, or exposure to chemicals. Glides well, does not absorb water, is silent and low-cost to operate.

uhmwpe part guide

The polymer is used in the manufacture of equipment parts for food production, bread, meat and milk processing, brewing:

  • upe conveyor roller;
  • chain guides;
  • sliding bearings and other elements;
  • cutting boards;
  • table coverings;
  • protective strips in refrigerators and slaughterhouses.

If you do not know which UHMWPE sheet is suitable for your application, consult with our specialist. We also offer cutting and cutting services according to customer drawings.

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