Synthetic Ice Rink

    You can enjoy the pleasure of fast and furious indoor or outdoor, in winter or summer.
    Lower price than real ice and lower maintenance cost !


    • Ideal for Ice Skating
    • Great for Dedicated Spaces
    • Commercial or Residential installations
    • No surface Enhancers Necessary

    We are the source of synthetic/artificial ice manufacturing factory with quality assurance.


we have narrowed it down to two (2) options for you to consider while going through the decision-making process. We have listed some of the most popular rink packages to help you get an idea of what product best suits your overall needs and budget (If you're not quite sure please "Request a Quote"):


    Lightweight, portable home ice tiles ideal for any small indoor rink project. Double-sided panels (can be skated on both sides).

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    Full-size, premium grade panels ideal for dedicated spaces and commercial installations (indoor or outdoor use). The cream of the crop in synthetic ice surfaces.

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