Why create outrigger pads?


The outrigger pad is a safety tool that can be used with any device that has outriggers, lower jacks or stabilizers. When a piece of equipment (such as a crane) lifts loads or people at high places, stability is essential.

The outrigger pads are created to stabilize the equipment so that the ground below does not move and the equipment does not tip over. Stability depends on the footprint and center of mass of the equipment. Floor space is the total area enclosed by the equipment support structure. If the device is set on top of a single point to support it, the center of mass is the point where the device will maintain balance. If the center of mass is on the edge or outside of the footprint, the device will fall. There are two ways to provide additional stability. The first is to use counterweights to help move the center of gravity back to the top of the footprint. The second is to make the floor area larger through the expandable leg system.

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