UHMWPE Outrigger Pad


Our factory mainly produces UHMWPE outrigger pads, it is made of 100% polyethylene, the color can be customized, black, white, yellow, etc.

Conventional sizes are 400*400*40mm, 500*500*50mm, 600*600*50mm, 800*800*60m, 1000*1000*80mm and so on.

We can engrave the round grooves, square grooves, and we can add handles for easy use and movement.

The scope of application is very wide, our outrigger pads put under the support-leg of Truck Crane, Crawler Crane, Rough Crane, Boom Pump, Concrete Pump and so on. It can support machine work safely!

Different thickness of the pad corresponds to different load-bearing, please tell us your requirements, so that we can recommend the appropriate size and thickness for you.

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