PE1000 sheet ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet

    • Advantages:
      Low density Low coefficient of friction High wear resistance Very low water absorption High toughness (even at low temperatures) Excellent chemical resistance Excellent demoulding performance Easy to make

Product introduction

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has excellent wear resistance, non-stick properties, excellent mechanical properties and excellent impact strength. Its main properties include extremely low friction, light weight and impact resistance. In addition, UHMWPE plastic sheet also has abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and odor resistance. PE 1000 natural plate is non-toxic, tough and harmless, and will not rot, swell, crack or chip.

Product advantages

  • 01Low density
  • 02Low coefficient of friction
  • 03High wear resistance
  • 04Very low water absorption
  • 05High toughness (even at low temperatures)
  • 06Excellent chemical resistance
  • 07Excellent demoulding performance
  • 08Easy to make

Scope of application

PE1000 sheet is used for conveyor guides, belt scrapers, chain guides, bearings, sprockets, rollers and wear plates. UHMW-PE plastic sheet's application areas also include chemical storage tanks, mining processing equipment, bulk material handling, transportation and entertainment equipment.

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