Load-bearing UHMWPE outrigger pad–protect the road and equipment


A commercial building maintenance and cleaning specialist recently contacted us. The company often deploys vehicle-mounted cantilever lifts in pedestrian areas. It is looking for distribution plates to be placed under the jack legs of vehicle supports to protect paving and similar surfaces while improving the overall stability of the machine.

We provide our customers with bright yellow outrigger pads, designed to alert pedestrians to the potential tripping hazard of outrigger foot pads if they are close to electric access equipment. Outrigger pads-also called braces-are widely used by operators of cranes, electric tunnels, and other mobile equipment such as concrete pumps. They distribute the pressure of the machine stabilizer or outrigger to any terrain with a problematic load capacity. If they are not used, the outriggers may pierce the ground, and serious accidents may result if the equipment falls over. The customer is very satisfied after using it.

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