HDPE cutting board in supermarket meat section


A Korean agent contacted us. He recently took an order to provide HDPE cutting boards for the supermarket meat section. Because of the large daily passenger flow, HDPE cutting boards are used frequently, so customers want the cutting boards to be tough, not easily scratches, hide dirt, and easy to clean after use to prevent bacterial contamination.

Our HDPE cutting board mainly has three kinds of surfaces, smooth surface, grid surface and orange peel surface. The customer finally chose the HDPE cutting board with grid surface, which can prevent items from slipping when cutting things, and protect the knives from harm. The mesh surface is also easy to clean, either with water or detergent. And the agents also require custom trademarks, and add color pages to package them into complete products. All of these have met the requirements of our customers. Customers are very satisfied after using it.

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