UHMWPE fender panels can extend the life of the wharf


Some time ago, a customer from Norway approached us, hoping that we could provide uhmwpe marine fender that can protect the dock and ships from colliding with each other. We started processing after docking the drawings with the customer.

We are a manufacturer of sheets and process the materials ourselves, which not only guarantees the homogeneity and unwavering high quality of our polymers, but also allows us to influence certain properties, such as behavior and impact strength. We are also not satisfied with simply extruding large amounts of wear-resistant materials. After being installed and used by the customer, it has indeed reduced the collision of ships and docks and prolonged their service life. Customers are very satisfied with our products.

Henan Ouke Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of UHMWPE ship side guards. Our products sell well at home and abroad and are well received. If you are interested in UHMWPE ship side guards, please contact us.

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