Borated polyethylene board for radiation protection in factories


Recently, a customer contacted us and hoped that we could provide a large number of large-size borated polyethylene panels for use in factory radiation protection. Borated polyethylene sheet is a neutron shielding material used in medical and industrial applications. It is a light-weight, cost-effective and easy-to-manufacture solution that can meet various neutron shielding needs.

We provide borated polyethylene sheets with customizable sizes and concentrations, which can shield high-intensity X-rays and are used in nuclear submarines and nuclear power plants. Borated polyethylene plates have been used as medical and industrial neutron shielding for more than 25 years. Compared with paraffin-based products, borated polyethylene boards are durable and perform well in a wider temperature range. It is very effective in industrial radiation protection and other applications that require thermal neutron attenuation. Customers give us high feedback after installation and use.

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